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antebellum is independent americana, folk, rock, groove & jazz from san francisco's bay area. antebellum was created by local SF musicians, for SF musicians.

king city

KING CITY are a five-piece Ragtime/Tango/Latin/Spaghetti Western, instrumentally-based, bonifiedly warranted excuse for a good time.
KING CITY: The Last Siesta  
The Last Siesta  

austin willacy

"Culling from a variety of influences, from Stevie Wonder to Lenny Kravitz to Dave Matthews, willacy's tasteful acoustic guitar and stunning choir-boy vocals make a winning package."
- Jane Ganahl, San Francisco Examiner

cdbaby cdbaby Austin Willacy
9 impossible proofs page 7  

jeffrey luck lucas

"Think along the lines of Richard Buckner, Will Oldham, Willard Grant Conspiracy, or Townes Van Zandt if he'd have been produced by Daniel Lanois. Dark, dreamy, cinematic epics that are genuinely intoxicating..." - David Morrison Gilded Palace of Sin UK

What We Whisper - Jeffrey Luck Lucas Hell Then Divine - Jeffrey Luck Lucas Jeffrey Luck Lucas
What We Whisper | Hell Then Divine

beaten by them

"The interactions of cello with electric guitar, bass and drums, is reminiscent of instrumental bands such as The Dirty Three. Drawing from a variety of musical backgrounds - including jazz, rock, hip-hop and electronic music - Beaten by Them's music is both subtle and powerful and can evoke the pitch of battle, triumph, nostalgia, or even the sensation of strolling along a river bank."

beaten by them invisibleorigins
Signs Of Life invisible origins

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